What you’ll learn

Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3

  • Optimize HTML content so that it can take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3.
  • In this lesson, you’ll learn how to write complex CSS3 selectors and media queries.
  • Use CSS3’s new background and border options.
  • Use the new text formatting options that were added in CSS3.
  • When you make HTML5 graphics and multimedia elements, you can use things like transforms, animations, audio and video.
  • To make HTML content work well with a wide range of web browsers and machine readers, follow the best practices.


  • Windows or Mac OS X operating system experience, and experience with web browsers so that you can use the web as an end-user. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever built a website before.


This course is designed as an introduction to HTML and CSS for those who want to learn to develop standards-compliant web content, with a focus on current HTML5 and CSS3 standards. This course can be taught on Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac OS® X, or Linux®, and supports developers who work in any of those environments.

In this course, you will develop web content in HTML5 and CSS3 following principles of responsive web design. You will be able to optimize HTML content to take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 features. Write advanced CSS3 selectors and media queries. Utilize advanced background and border options introduced in CSS3. Be able to utilize advanced text formatting options introduced in CSS3. Also use HTML5 graphics and multimedia elements, including transforms, animation, audio, and video.

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Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
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Last Update: May 14, 2024
Relased: May 14, 2024

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