What you’ll learn

Learn how to create real-world applications with JavaScript Bootcamp

  • From JavaScript’s foundations to its advanced level, you will advance.
  • You will get a thorough knowledge of JavaScript’s inner workings.
  • You may use a variety of code tasks and tests to assess your understanding.
  • You’ll learn how to use the Document Object Model to modify web pages.
  • The most complex subjects, like function constructors, prototypes, first-class functions, closures, and many more, will be easy for you to comprehend.
  • You will write code and make a useful app using object-oriented JavaScript and modular design principles.
  • The teachers will be available to help you around the clock.


  • No prior knowledge of coding is necessary! Starting from the very beginning, we’ll guide you all the way up to the advanced level!
  • It will be a benefit if you have some familiarity with HTML and CSS, but it’s not necessary!


The Basics of JavaScript (Intermediate):

The very fundamentals of this language, such as how to create JavaScript and what type of syntax it has, will be covered in detail. What sorts of data are used by JavaScript’s loops, conditionals, and functions? After completing the coding exercise and the quiz at the conclusion of the section, you will be able to create your very first simple JavaScript application, called “Digital Clock.”

JavaScript’s Internal Workings

You may discover how JavaScript works behind the scenes in this area. You must comprehend how the code works and how the JavaScript engine processes the code in order to be a true developer of JavaScript. Important subjects like the global execution context and global object, what an execution stack is, scope, scope chain, hoisting, and the unique keyword “this” will all be covered. You will take a quiz at the conclusion of the session to gauge your understanding.

The DOM, or Document Object Model

You will learn how to edit the content of web pages, control single and numerous items, style the elements using JavaScript, and much more.

Modern JavaScript

Because you will be able to master and comprehend the most complex JavaScript principles in this part, you will feel secure in your knowledge of JavaScript. We will talk about things like function constructors, prototypical inheritance, prototypal chain, first-class functions, closures, and more.

Application for Advanced JavaScript Project Quiz:

By the time you get there, you’ll be able to create the most cutting-edge JavaScript-based real-world apps. You’ll learn how to use object-oriented JavaScript to create a practical program. You will be familiar with the use of JavaScript Patterns to structure, organize, and make your code safer.

Who this course is for:

  • For a student who wants to learn JavaScript from the ground up.
  • For a student who wants to learn JavaScript at an advanced level and already has some familiarity with it.
  • This is for a student who focuses on other programming languages and wants to comprehend JavaScript thoroughly.
  • Anyone who wants to learn one of the most powerful programming languages and become good at it.

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Learn how to create real-world applications with JavaScript Bootcamp
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