What you’ll learn

Complete SEO training in 2022, as well as SEO for the WordPress website

  • Learn all there is to know about SEO and how it all works.
  • The simplest way to incorporate SEO into your website
  • You’ll know everything there is to know about SEO and feel safe the whole time.
  • Use the finest free plugins to improve the SEO of your website.
  • Optimize the speed of your website for SEO.
  • How to find out what keywords your rivals are focusing on
  • How do you choose the ideal keywords for your website?
  • How do you respond to a bad SEO attack?
  • Learn how I exploited internal links to rank on page one of Google for a huge term.
  • No one tells you about the SEO secrets and sophisticated methods that no one tells you.
  • For thousands of dollars less, use SEO experts or companies.
  • Use White-Hat SEO Techniques to Ensure Your SEO Is Compliant with Google’s Quality Guidelines Gain a competitive advantage by learning SEO for voice and video searches.
  • You’ll learn how to use concrete tactics to boost your website’s rating rapidly.
  • You’ll discover the most effective backlinking approach available today.
  • You’ll discover the most effective methods for ranking #1 in Google Search.


  • It is not necessary to have any previous experience of SEO or digital marketing.
  • To use these SEO strategies, you need to already have a website or plan to make one.
  • Be ecstatic about the prospect of growing your company using today’s finest SEO methods.


The 50+ Search Engine Optimization criteria that can help you rank at the top of search engines like Google and Bing are covered in this Complete SEO Training 2022 + SEO For The WordPress Website.

SEO is a continuous improvement process.

1. Search engine traffic to your website

2. The customer experience on your website

3. Increasing the relevance of your site’s content to the keywords that people are looking for

4. Increasing the authority of your website’s pages

What algorithms are the defining criteria for ranking a website on the search engine result pages (SERPs)? SEO is all about how search engines function.

This online SEO course provides a thorough beginner’s approach to search engine optimization, using only white-hat SEO strategies that follow Google’s official search standards.

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Complete SEO training in 2022, as well as SEO for the WordPress website
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Last Update: May 14, 2024
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