What you’ll learn

JavaScript DOM Modern Interactive Dynamic Web Pages & Games Course

  • JavaScript DOM manipulation
  • Learn JavaScript to create interactive web pages
  • Dynamic web pages with JavaScript
  • JavaScript code to interact with HTML elements
  • JavaScript to create a game
  • Keyboard keypress events using arrows to move page element div
  • Use of animation frame for smooth web page movement


  • JavaScript HTML and CSS
  • Coding experience


JavaScript Explore what you can do with the Document Object Model making your web pages come to life!!!

The DOM is an object-oriented representation of the web page, which can be modified with JavaScript to Create Interactive and Dynamic Web Content

  • Select elements from the page
  • Update Elements on the Page
  • Apply Styling to the style attribute
  • Track user interactions with Click events and keyboard events
  • Move and manipulate page elements with JavaScript

Upcoming lessons will show you how – to make your web pages come to life

Creating a basic game project – where the player can move a page element using the keyboard. Also, create new page elements – and automatically have new page elements added to the page when conditions are met. Learn to create a dynamic and interactive game that detects element collision and adds to the score. Move your element to hit the other elements on the page, score, and see how new elements are created with a max number in from the code. Basic JavaScript Game structure that can be extended upon to build your own games and more.

Source Code is included – Step by step PDF guide and more.Selection of page elements into JavaScript – select single or multiple Page elements with QuerySelector

Course Covers

  1. Web Dev Setup Coding IDE and Resources – links and resources to set up introduction to course content.
  2. JavaScript DOM Document Object Model Introduction to Selection JavaScript element selection and manipulation of the text content.  Selection of page elements into JavaScript – select single or multiple Page elements with QuerySelector
  3. Element Style Manipulation with JavaScript Update Color and Background Color – Update manipulate the Element Style properties and add click events with JavaScript Event Listeners.   Create a mini project that updates the element background color when it is clicked.
  4. Update Element Position Using JavaScript – Move elements on the page update the element style left and top values with JavaScript.
  5. AnimationFrames with JavaScript and KeyBoard EventListeners Movement – Use of AnimationFrames to have smooth continuous movement of elements on the page.   Adding keyboard key presses to move element according to keypress event listeners.  Update element position with JavaScript.

JavaScript DOM Modern Interactive Dynamic Web Pages & Games Course

  1. Create Element using JavaScript and Randomly Place within Page Container Div Make new elements with JavaScript – using document create Element method to dynamically generate elements and add them to the HTML page.
  2. Move element Randomly make clickable Make new elements clickable and randomly move on the page.
  3. Collision Detection with JavaScript elements Add options to check collision between page elements.  Check top to bottom element dimensions and left to right comparing to detect if there is overlap.  If overlap happens, track as a collision.  Add the collision check to the JavaScript project checking for any collision between page elements.
  4. Scoring and Game Development with JavaScript Page Elements Adding scoring to the gameplay – create gameplay and allow the user to progress in the game.  Game design and game concepts and how to apply it with JavaScript.
  5. Final Gameplay of JavaScript DOM project

Source Code is included

Taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experience ready to help you learn more about JavaScript

Who this course is for:

  • JavaScript beginners
  • Anyone who wants to create web pages
  • Webmasters and web designers
  • Web application developers
  • Anyone who wants to create modern websites
  • Last updated 2/2021

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JavaScript DOM Modern Interactive Dynamic Web Pages & Games Course
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