In Zen practice, a koan is a question that is used to help and check on a student’s progress in JavaScript programming.

What you’ll learn

Learn JavaScript with Koans – Beginner Friendly Programming

  • Arrays in JavaScript
  • Functions in JavaScript
  • Objects in JavaScript.
  • JavaScript’s mutability.
  • Higher-Order JavaScript Functions
  • Development that is driven by tests (About Expectations).
  • Inheritance is used in JavaScript.


  • This class does not have any requirements.
  • This application just requires a text editor and a web browser to operate (Chrome, Safari, Brave, IE, etc.).


When you tackle JavaScript in the same manner that Buddhists approach Zen, it’s a lot of fun.

As you go through a series of koans in this course, you will strive to acquire JavaScript enlightenment.

Development that is driven by tests (TDD).

We will practice test-driven development in this class. You begin by running a test suite that is riddled with flaws. As you go toward enlightenment, you begin by correcting the code that is causing your problems.

A Tool for Technical Interview Preparation

This course’s content may be studied independently in your own time. You may clone the Koan folder and run it again and again after you’ve downloaded it. JavaScript Koans are an excellent tool to use while preparing for a difficult technical interview. During your technical interview, you can go through the Koans to have some fun while you learn about some of the less well-known features of JavaScript.

Who this course is for:

  • JavaScript programmers who are new to the language.
  • JavaScript programmers are looking for a pleasant way to sharpen their abilities.

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Learn JavaScript with Koans – Beginner Friendly Programming
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